Follicle Plus 6 Months Package

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  • 6 x 250ml Shampoos
  • 6 x Vitamin - 60 Tablets x 1000mg
  • 6 x 60ml Hair Serum Spray Bottles
6 x 250ml Shampoos

Chemicals-free, rich with biotin, green tea extract, magnesium Stearate, Zinc and many more vitamins, making this shampoo perfect for faster hair growth and healthier skin. Recommended for daily use. 

6 x Vitamin - 60 Tablets x 1000mg

The lack of certain vitamins may be a huge cause of hair loss. The Follicle Plus multivitamin has 14 different nautral ingredients, rich with all the vitamins the modern human lacks, boosting hair growth and preventing its loss.

6 x 60ml Hair Serum Spray Bottles

Repair Serum works the same effect as the plasma on longer periodes, with very advanced researching, and after years of study, Clinicexpert labs scientists managed to recreate the effect through a combination of nautral herbal based ingredients.